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In this blog we will write a small unmarshaller by hand at code-time and measure its performance. This blog is part 1 of 4, the series consists of the following posts: Writing an unmarshaller by hand Constructing an unmarshaller using reflection (to be written) Generating an unmarshaller using annotations (to... Read more
Gepubliceerd op 2021-04-10
Code is generated at many phases during the development & deployment cycle. Everyone is familiar with compile-time at which the compiler generates (byte)code. However code is generated at other times/phases as well. In this post I divide code generation into four phases. I will also discusses some of the benefits... Read more
Gepubliceerd op 2021-03-26
 Introduction The other day, I had a discussion with a colleague of mine, about his new role as lead developer in a team. We were talking about the fact that when you are the lead developer of a team, you often bring a certain set of opinions with you on... Read more
Gepubliceerd op 2021-03-23
Source: jBITs
Het bericht KVK verscheen eerst op Group9.... Read more
Gepubliceerd op 2021-03-23
Source: GROUP9 News
Synchronizing the time inside KVM guests is essential for a large number of reasons, including correlating logs from multiple guests and Maildir locking. When a KVM guest start up it is provided with the host clock. This is used initialize the clock of the guest to the correct time. On... Read more
Gepubliceerd op 2021-03-13
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Gepubliceerd op 2021-01-26
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Het bericht Computable verscheen eerst op Group9.... Read more
Gepubliceerd op 2020-10-04
Source: GROUP9 News
It’s finally time for a demonstration of the new interface for users to perform their tasks in. The first users are bustling into the room, grabbing coffee, clicking through login screens, and waiting for instructions. “Where is it?” “This is it.” [crickets] “Right there, see?” [silence] “But i just need... Read more
Gepubliceerd op 2020-08-31
Source: Airquill
On my day-job as a consultant for GROUP9 we had an interesting discussion on how to handle validations across micro-services. Let's look at this in the context of a fictionalized example.Example: amazon selling for other companiesThe case we were discussing was the typical case of referential integrity between two objects. Imagine... Read more
Gepubliceerd op 2020-07-01
Source: jBITs
Het bericht Flatten the belly verscheen eerst op Group9.... Read more
Gepubliceerd op 2020-06-05
Source: GROUP9 News
When business processes are to be executed by automated software components, there is an interesting notion that tends to pop up in the conversations around the design of the process models. It takes various forms, such as this statement: “I’m sure this model will look different when we move to... Read more
Gepubliceerd op 2019-09-09
Source: Airquill
Working on a project on a customer of mine, I bumped into some very weird Lombok behavior which really caught me off guard. As it was caused by a not-so-easy to debug issue, I'd like to share with you all what happened and why.Enter WTFAfter making some changes to the... Read more
Gepubliceerd op 2019-06-07
Source: jBITs
In a recent post, Bernd Ruecker made a nice post on a pattern to transform events to commands in MicroServices and DDD. The post discusses the differences between Choreography and Orchestration as two major styles in which various micro-services can be connected and the pros and cons of these styles.... Read more
Gepubliceerd op 2018-10-09
Source: jBITs
tl;dr In this post I continue my progress towards an DDD version of my favorite pet project. In this iteration I add a way to check the budget against the real expenses. The code is on GitHub and the picture contains the new model. Continuing Domain-Driven Design In my previous... Read more
Gepubliceerd op 2018-07-25
Having trouble defining the scope of a business process or making design decisions at functional or technical levels? Try formulating the process’ intent. This post discusses the Value of Intent. (1) Of beginnings and endings As eluded to by Bruce Silver and probably many before and after him, when designing... Read more
Gepubliceerd op 2018-04-25
Source: Airquill

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